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First Kiss to Last Dance Approved

Ok, so in today's world of beauty there are a few things that products MUST have in order to be the new IT thing. Staying power, multi-use, good for you, etc.. Right? Well today let's talk STAYING POWER. In a world where everyone is soooooo busy, the ability to apply something once (maybe twice) in a day is ideal. Noone has time to stop and reapply, we're too busy scrolling timelines. :)

Stila's STAY ALL DAY LIQUID LIPSTICKS have officially passed the STAYING POWER test of time with me.

This stuff goes on like a lipgloss, dries like a lipstick, stays like a lip stain. HELLO! Let me say that again. It goes on like a lipgloss, dries like a lipstick, and stays like a lip stain.

Brides, when its time to kiss your new problem, you can do that and this stuff won't transfer from your lips to his.

My Pageant ladies, from the moment you step on stage to the moment you are crowned these Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks are there to stay.

No worries about it getting on your teeth, so rest assured you'll have the picture perfect smile.

Our colors of choice: Patina, Fiery, Dolce, and my personal favorite BESO.

{Update: since first writing this post Stila has come out with NEW shades....the ones I love are Chianti, which is a deep plum; and Baci, which is a nude pink}

These beauties retail for around $24, what a steal!

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